With my digital marketing master course from Techonical, I was awarded a job as Digital Marketing Manager for a leading Advertising Agency. Due to my unparallel knowledge in DM, there is also a contractually binding agreement for Equity Stake. All thanks to Techonical.

Best Training Company In Roorkee

Techonical has specialization in 3 important domains namely: TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT and RESEARCH. The company provides specialized training in 50+ leading technologies like .NET, Java, PHP, Ethical Hacking, ANDROID, CCNA, AUTOCAD, VHDL, MATLAB, EMBEDDED SYSTEM, HVAC and many more. TECHONICAL has a very committed team consisting of technical trainers who are continuously guiding, mentoring, admonish and coaching the students by providing them with exclusive personalized attention, which helps them to develop solid industry oriented knowledge.